Day 9 02/05, Wed

1030 hrs:
Started late today, needed gd rest anyway. Headed out to find knitting stuff for mum, but didn't managed to.

1200 hrs:
Went to 光华商场(selling tech stuff, similar to our Sim Lim Square(SLS)),near 忠孝新生 MRT. Its like a one level simple house with aircon, abt the space of 1 level of SLS.... Nice place to hunt for stuff that is not available in Singapore, like that Asus router that can accept USB HDD and act as File server, but I couldn't find the b/g version, and the n series cost abt S$100 more, so not willing.
*General pricing is similar to Singapore, so don't rushing into buying HDD or RAM, other items i not too sure...

Went to their supermarket @ 新光三越, but nothing too special, unless u are looking for Jap styled food.
1500hrs: Visited local coffee place, where its Air-Con and old folks hangout, and smoking fully allowed. Nice local produced coffee too...

The old folks who hangs out in their local "kopitiam".
Simple Meal @ NT$100 with nice local Coffee with Beans grown in Taiwan.

After 1hr Merc Ride(NT$1300) to the airport, we checked in, and realised although the queue was long, not many knew abt the emergency exit trick(see Day1).
I think that's abt all for now...

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