Day 8 01/05, Tues

0800 hrs:
3mins walk to 西门 MRT, then MRT to 台北 main station, breakfast packed from 7-11, and train to 中坜(40mins away)

0900 hrs:
Stepped out of 中坜 station, and as usual like any station, attack frm Taxi uncle. Oh well, we needed them this time roud. NT$1000 back and forth to the sunflower farm, "Sun&Green" 向阳场, let the photos do the talking...


First view once you reach 向阳场, their restuarant. 向日葵 greeting you at the farm.
Corine posing with the beautiful sunflowers. In the bed of flowers.
Bees are a common sight here, as the enjoy they pollen of sunflowers.
A Giant species, taller than Corine, and I think even taller than me...
Lavenders is another attraction there. Bees love them too... very refreshing scent.
Boots are provided for you to walk around the more muddy areas. Plucking of Sunflowers is allowed @ NT$25/stalk, or NT$100/7stalk.
Corine, happily satisfied with 7 beauties. Hopefully they survive the flight back to Singapore. Aren't they so captivating? Enjoyed the whole morning there. Wonderful.

*The Farm is closed on Monday, so take note. Sunflower peak season frm May to Oct, but every mth also have.
Today is labour day, and although not a National holiday, still lotsa visitors... Suggest go early in the morning to enjoy the trip/photog.
A must-go for 桃园/中坜.

Called the Taxi Uncle, and back to 中坜 train station, about 20mins away.
*Learnt another lesson about their Train, -Flexibility-
We were actually bound on a cheaper train @ 1410hrs, but a slightly more expensive ride was available @ 1335hrs...
So we understand, it is common that you can just hope on and top up the difference when u alight.
Or, like what we did, was to check with ticketing counter, and top up, and changed the tickets, with seats as well... Cool, saved time.

1500hrs: Revisted 西门町, and found some nice food. Among the food tasted was a online recommended shaved ice. Ice Kacang taste better. Others tried were all quite good.

Spent some time at departmental, 新光三月, then moved into underground shopping area 台北地下街 & 中山地下街, juz under the 台北 Main Station...
Honestly, their 地下街, not very succesful, unlike City Link in Singapore.

Pop back to 士林, to find the only store we saw in 台北 for 天下第一辣. Army friends would remember, it was a famous product from 高雄, which happens to be favoured by our families...
More food @ 士林, and realised there is 2 place @ 士林(剑潭 MRT) to visit.
士林观光市场( a building opp MRT, is like a Hawker Centre, can find most famous food)

士林观光夜市(more games, clothings, fashion staff, and roaming hawkers).

Ah Zong Mian Sian (阿宗面线) @ 西门町. Our first reaction when we saw the stall was "Is it that good?". Other than the guys in white caps in the background, everyone else is either quening for the 面线 or standing around and eating, with the crowd spilling over to the next shop and across the shopping lane. The smooth 面线 is worth a try.

大饼包小饼 @ 士林观光市场. He used something like a popiah skin{大饼) to wrap the crispy 小饼(already fried with red bean paste) in the foreground, and crush the 小饼. Not bad lar, but there are a few stalls, so look out for this ppl with orange apron.
After passing the place for so many times, this is the first time we are seeing the station from the outside, except the first night when we were in too much a hurry to take a good look. This 葱抓饼 is like our roti-prata (at 西门町), but has the fragrance of spring onions. Taste good and you can choose different flavours like 麻辣 or 肉松 to add inside.