Day 7 30/04, Mon

0730 hrs:
Simple breakfast of toast, ham, sausages and eggs in room and a round dip in our room(supplied with hot spring water out the tap) before we check out and head for Yang Ming Shan (阳明山)。 Take bus 230 or S9 at bus stop in front of Hot Spring Garden and alight at 阳明山 Main Bus Station (NT$15).

0900 hrs: Upon reaching 阳明山 Main Bus Station, we took a 20 minutes walk to the Visitor Centre, which were close on Mondays =(

Without knowing where to head to, we decided to just take bus 108 goes round all the tourist spots in 阳明山, comes every 20 minutes, cost NT$15/trip (You can buy the 套票,for NT$60, which allows unlimited rides). At tourist spots, the bus driver will make an announcement so that you can decide if you wanna drop.

Places we visited at 阳明山:

1) 竹子湖, as it's past the flowering season, there wasn't much to see.

2) 小油坑, it's a volcanoe vent, where you can see steam escaping from small holes on the ground, interesting site created by nature.

3) 擎天岗, a wide vast of green pasture, its like walking into a picture.

小油坑-White Steam ascending from the post-volcanic vent, quite a sight...
擎天岗-Stretches after stretches of grassland, very nice, like in movies...

阳明山 can be crowded during flower season or weekend, and although today it was a weekday,
the bus was still packed, and lotsa ppl walking around...

Checked into the last lodging of our Taiwan trip, -成都, Royal Castle- Near the 西门 MRT station.
Turned out to be better than expected, although the room not extremely big, but comfortable enough, and feels clean and neat.
If you are interested can try to book from, got it for around S$80/nite.

1530hrs: Visited 中正纪念堂, saw the changing of guard ceremony. Not bad lar...

1700hrs: Used MRT to reach 市政府 station,and went to Taipei 101. High class shopping leh, and with the rain and fog, the NTS$350/pax ticket for visitng the observation deck seems a little ex, so we gave it a miss.

Tomolo: Sunflower Farm @ Zhongli...