Day 6 29/04, Sun

0730 hrs:
Another round of intercontinental breakfast, then we were on our way to Tainan.
Train was @ 0857hrs Tzeqiang (自强号) {NT$741}.

Breakfast @ Hotel Tainan, looks gd right?
Arrival of our Train, typical backpacker.


Reached Taipei(台北), and travelled on their Metro Train or MRT to xinBeitou(新北投)
Bought 2 EasyCard(like our EZ-link) with NT$400 credit and NT$100 deposit, which should be sufficient for our 4days here.

Their MRT, just like ours..
More space on trains, I hope our MRT also like that one day, more bicycle friendly...
Arrival @ Xinbeitou, 新北投, the station looks quite cool, like an old temple  


Finally arrived @ 北投 area, and seems quite populated. Checked in to 泉都, and was fairly disappointed... "no great view" as promised by the website,
and there seems to be plenty of nicer options around at much cheaper walk-in price... ...
*Note to self, not to trust everything on website, and sometimes better to select the hotel on arrival.

水美, Sweet Me. Looks nice, juz beside us, but dunno the price... ard NT$2000? Another nice one on the same street, 白乐汇.
水缈连, still decent looking. 水慕, small but still nice...
泉都, with appartments above, and only 2 level.... sigh. Okie lar, if we zoom in, still looks gd lar..
The "Welcome" is a a supermart. The hotel entrance/lobby is a small door, juz in the centre... ...

Had lunch @ KFC, and wondered ard the area. 北投 was popular as hot spring location since the Jap occupation. Places to visit includes the library in the park, the Museum, public hot spring pool and the 地热谷 (a lake with hot bubbling spring water with temperatures as high as 95degrees).

Library in the nature, quite cool, and populated. The温泉文物馆, a little nice house in the park, with info on history of hotspring.
No photos allowed of the public pool. its like NT$40 for a dip in the hot spring water... quite populated with locals.
  地热谷, see the mist? Its boiling temp, the hotest spring in this area.



1800 hrs:
Left by MRT and reached Jian Tan 剑潭, travelled around the busy 士林夜市.
Lotsa of fashion shops, games, but for a while we couldn't find the usual nice food... then realised that they actually not allowed to have stalls in the middle of the lane, hence they appear and disappear from time to time, like hide&seek with the police...
Caught servings of more 臭豆腐, and famous 烘鸡排.

2100 hrs:
Came back to our hotel, and decided to visit a nice 温泉place, as recommended by a friend(grateful to Lishan). 亚太 Outdoor private room was NT$1250 for an hour, and free another hour of the public pool(seperate guys & girl). A little ex, but was a great experience, like those nice jap/taiwan hot spring on TV.

The private hot spring room, with open roof, i.e. night sky view of stars...NT$1250 really worth it.
Shower + shampoo included.
Water, bathrobe, towel all provided.