Day 4 27/04, Fri

0730 hrs: 7-11 有氧早餐,(redeemed with NT$50/each from hotel). The 7-11 is just above the hotel....

Hot Chocolate, RuiSuei Fresh Milk(frm the farm which we missed...), rice and sausages.

0830hrs: Nature tour(90mins) with the Hotel Staff.(Complimentary), then did our own walk ard too(60mins)


Our 'tour guide', the hotel has 3 tour daily with different timing/routes. Flat Snail, according to our guide, a common creature in these woods.
翠竹林- very nice bamboo... Like those in 《十面埋伏》 奋起湖- a nice little town midway between 嘉义 and 阿里山。Our hotel is the red building on the right.
奋起湖- view from above Some funny insect, like local flies, that is very common there, and tend to hand around me... This one was found on an orchid....

1100hrs: Went to 百年老街, which seems much more crowded compared to last night...


百年老街- The start of the street, left 100m, after a fire burnt down the back 200m, 3yrs ago.{heard will rebuilt soon}. 桧木,a local produce, and the crafter here is working on them. They are rather top-class material, and does not spoil easily. Some of the stalls built with this wood is still around since 70yrs ago.
Making of the 火车饼 along the street, smells great. NT$60 for the wooden postcard, and NT$25 for postage back Singapore. It comes along with various stamping tools(with ink) to design your postcard... as recommended on Channel 8.
The original old style 火车饼(NT$60), smells so good in the making, we had to buy more for later consumption.

The 火车饼 shop, featuring the 3rd generation boss, very friendly fellow. Bought those 饼s last night and today from here...


Back to our hotel for the authentic 火车便当(NT$100 each), with soup, and only 1 flavour 排骨 with drumstick. Very filling.

1440 hrs:
Took the Forest Railway down to Chia Yi(嘉义), only one train each day during off-peak season... had abit of hiccup on the way with carriage kinda not connecting too well, quite a unique experience with 3 sudden stops along the way...

1652hrs: Reached Chia Yi(嘉义), hopped on 自强 train again, 36mins to 台南(NT$146 each).

Reached 台南,checked-in 台南大饭店, . Feels kinda high-class, i mean like quite a few businessman checking in... oh while, this is the most expensive stay of the entire trip, so should be the case lar... NT$2700/night. Went out to try the famous 度小月担仔面, and visit 夜市。

度小月担仔面, around for 3 generation liao, opens from 4pm to 2am, recommended as a must-try... NT$50/bowl, abit ex, not that filling, but taste good lar.
情人夜市,changed name from 大台南 1yr ago. The truck on the right is a mobile 歌台,they were having singing competition. A crowded night. 鸡排 again, at 情人夜市。 Not all 夜市 is open every night, so do check around before setting out.

Scored 20pts with 3 mag....
Dunno what to exchanged, nothing that me or Corine wants...
Soft toys for kids were too bulky to bring back too

So got a 黑白猪 pen, which I think only 1 person I know may like, so if you see this, claim from me ah.... ")

Having some fun shooting bb-gun with air-pressure, quite an accurate weapon, if u are consistent... NT$30/mag, abt 10shots.