Day 1 24/04, Tues

13:00 hrs: Departure from Changi Airport onboard Jetstar

As Jetstar does not provide free entertainment nor food, we prepared our own entertainment and snacks(officially not allowed, but who cares...)


The flight attendees will announce 'no outside food allowed', but we had mineral water, and some Kueh frm Bengawan Solo, juz do it. Downloaded Mobtv, for entertainment... Showing here is <Maggi & Me>

*Budget Airline Tip{special thanks to Lingkai and Si Da): We checked in early(2~2.5hrs), and got the seats on the emergency exit row(12 & 13). This will give you 100% more leg space, as presented below...

@ Emergency Exit row, where we sat.(not us in the photos) Limited leg space(regular row)


1730hrs: Arrived in Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

1800hrs: Benz to Taipei Main Train Station, got grabbed by nice uncles, and since we were rushing why not… NT$1300

1 hour to Taipei Main Train Station as promised by the driver….Next train to Hualien leaves at 1928hrs…
as stated in the online train schedule(

Then we rushed to get normal tickets(on 自强 train) to Hualien with return( NT$802 per pax, inclusive of 10% disc.{pays to plan early…})

After that, like amazing race style, we hunted for the High Speed Rail(HSR, 高铁) counter, only to find it with long queue… needed tix for Day 3 travel frm Taipei to Chiayi(NT$1080 per pax, 1/2 travel time @ abt NT$300 premium) .… HSR info @

Fortunately we found another automated ticketing machine(Basement 2), and with the help of their friendly staff, managed to grab the tix at about 1920hrs.
Grab some snacks at 7-11 and boarded the train with only a minute to spare… … exciting…

2.5hrs train ride, muz grab some food lar...

自强 train, quite comfy, with head space for bags.


Arrived in Hualien(花莲).

Made a 10min stroll(with 10+ kg on our backs) to Duo Romance(多罗满, ).
As featured, the room equipped with 46” plasma, and Jacuzzi tub comes @ only NT$1980 (breakfast included)...

46" plasma, too bad won't be able to catch Heats vs Bulls tomolo morning...

Less than 100SGD a nite with Jacuzzi, where to find?

Unpacked, walked around abit for water, supper(quite dull here actually), and back to hotel to write this… …
0100hrs, done. Cya, Tomolo, visitng ruishui with bicycle, farms, and hot spring.