My job is to make my boss job…

Wife said sometime back, and I repeat often to colleague with full credits,

my job is to make my boss’s job easier.

Which I agree, because it is beyond agreeing with everything, but making sure everything work smoothly and every one enjoys the work.

Recently, someone said he have one better,

my job is to make my boss look good

Gotta disagree, and after understanding more, disagree more.

Finally, I settle on this,

My job is to make my boss better, my people better, and we all get better, for the students

Oh well, back to work.

Picasso and life.

A colleague just share this quote with me:
“It’s like telling Picasso he has to paint this tree and not that tree. If you let him paint the tree he wants to paint, you will get great pieces of art. If you tell him what to paint, you’ll get average pieces of art.”,

This was originally used to describe the top-down approach by Paul Nurse, then my colleague saw it for the context of knowledge building. I see it as life.
And I day

We are all Picasso, and life is our canvas. Let us master our canvas and make the best out of it.