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3 C of volleyball.

Back dating to March 2016, something I’ve been saying…

  • Control of not only your Skills and also your Emotions
  • Communication in calling the play individually and collectively, and also beyond the play as a team (to encourage, support and build teamwork)
  • Commitment for yourself, for the team, on-court, upholding the standards, and leaving everything on the court, and also off-court, upholding the expectations of a student, sports person and team player.

“Mon Semblable” by Stephen Dunn


Anonymous among strangers
I look for those
with hidden wings,
and for scars

that those who once had wings

can’t hide.

Though I know it’s unfair,

I reveal myself

one mask at a time.

Does this appeal to you,

such slow disclosures,

a lifetime perhaps

of almost knowing one another?

I would hope you, too,

would hold something back

Back to the quotes

I want to be like a sunflower; so that even on the darkest days I will stand tall and find the sunlight.

A quote by… … I don’t know, can’t find the reference, but it’s accompanying my Sunflower shots for my June Calendar page.

Ultimately this is a quote on optimism and perspective, to be able to always see the good or the right and follow through in our words and actions, even in times of darkness. Having hope even when its seems hopeless, able to continue to fight even when its ddifficult, able to follow our moral compass when all seems lost…

A beautiful quote to restart this page after 2.5yrs…

You are hired not to fulfill a function but to fulfill a dream…

I think it is immoral to hire people to fulfill functions, a chair has a function. We hire people to join us and be part of us; their job/function is incidental. You hire a human being to be part of dream and part of a vision. We just did employee survey, asking them how much they cared for our company, on a scale of 1 to 5, five being the highest. Ninety-four percent answered with a score of five! This is unheard of, totally incredible, I love this company!

By: Horst  Schulzr