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4th Apr 2007, Wed, 02:53 hrs.

This is NOT a blog, no one write blogs in unknown corners of the web... furthermore, you would realize, I don't write regularly, nor abt daily life... This are juz “abt me”, statements/thoughts by me…


Have been listening to some love stories lately... so I thought gd time to put something down. I guess friends of my school days will agree that I have this strong belief in love, and its magical powers, and yes that is unchanged.
Triangle I guess it cannot be denied, that in any triangle, someone is bound to get hurt, if not all... But what is more important, is the right pair comes out of it, surviving. It is not a crime to pursue your love, but it's not all about possession either...
Most importantly, I think the least you can do, is be true to yourself, enjoy the moment, and know when it's time to let go...

Somethings, which we had always known, but need a little reminder of...
{juz like the Mercedes ad.}

It is very rare to find someone whom you like and likes you too. So cherish.

Love is when you have this special feeling, and feel happy spending time with that special someone.

Always be true, there are risks involved, but the mutual understanding is worth it.

Love is never about obligation. You cannot be obliged to do something in love, it's gonna be a burden. Do it, because you love enough to do it, be in as simple as a gift, or as big as a proposal.


Remember, come to the bottom of it, we all just wanna "love and be loved..."
~ George Sand

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12th Feb 2007 , Monday, 18:41 hrs.

Palm Reading, listening and friends…

Most friends(especially those from JC), would vaguely remember(if they still remember me), that I took up an interest then in Palm Reading.
With the help of a book(featured right), I have deciphered the secrets for quite some friends since the age of 17.

Well, recently, I took up the book again, and made an accurate reading on the current state of a friend. Unfortunately, it might have brought more worries than joy… sigh.

That reminded me the issue with me listening to friends when I was half a decade younger. It took me awhile to understand, that in fact, giving too much advise is not the best strategy to use. Talk less, listen more, and feel.

Hope that all friends whom I know had not been hurt by my inquisitive nature that often grants an outpour of sorrows.
If not, thousands of apologies.

I also wished that, I had made more souls happier than sad, throughout the days when I listened to your life stories (with a pinch of advise).

With that, if you need a palm reading, you know who to look for.
{DISCLAIMER: NO guarantee on accuracy of reading, only novice hobbyist here.}

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One more advice...

"Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable"

Sydney J. Harris.

"We often regret what we didn't do, and not what we did"
Take Care,

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22nd Jan 2007 , Monday, 20:04 hrs.


A typical Singaporean Male, 24 years old.


Product of the educational system, I’ve been thru 18yrs of standard process, from primary through Junior College.
I’ve also fulfilled my duty as a Singapore Male Citizen, with 2 years 4 months(old sys) of full-time National Service.
Today, having spent 3 years six months in NUS, I’m heading for my graduation with Honours, majoring in Chemistry.

Boring, isn’t it?


Oh well, despite my boring life, I am blessed(by dunno whom, since I don’t quite have any faith in religion) with a loving and caring girlfriend(or rather fiancée), Corine and supportive family members.

With an interest in Photography, I have pursued this hobby in Catholic High School Photographic Society, Anderson Junior College Photographic Society, and NUS Photographic Society, in chronological order, since I was 12.
Although with that many years of fun and learning, I am truly just a hobbyist, with works displayed in my
gallery page section of this page.

It is of interest to mention my other hobbies, since I have no idea what else you(friend or foe, or just a passerby) wanna know about me;

Basketball, Table-Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Cycling, {beach} volleyball, and barely soccer, tennis, etc…
Chinese-Chess, Scrabble, Sudoku, Computer/Technology(reading HardwareMag), etc…


I want be a teacher, a husband, a father, a grandfather, etc.

How to get there?
I’m on bond with MOE to teach.
I have a girl whom I want settle down with, once the right house comes along, and I’m rich enough.

Ok, boring man with boring future…

“Abstract from Conversation with Student”

Student: Mr Yang, why do you want to teach?

Me: Because, I want to make a difference in the life of others, to have some positive influence.

Student: But you can’t make a difference in all our life.

Me: Some is good, one is enough.

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"We must be the change we wish to see in the world."
~ Mahatma Gandhi

"Don't just talk about change, without practising it!"